A detox center will place you in comfortable surroundings where you can be assured of help in case of emergencies. These clinics also provide medications to ease some of the symptoms. Addiction can impact every aspect of your life, starting with your mental health.10 Substances change your brain, and might contribute to co-occurring disorders like anxiety and depression. These symptoms, along with other aspects of addiction, can interfere with your relationships. If you prioritize drug use over your colleagues or loved ones, you might face serious consequences.

In this edition, the definitions revolving around addiction were changed once again. The APA ditched both “substance abuse” and “substance dependence” in favor of “substance use disorder.” Substance use disorder is now the medical term for addiction. Previously, abuse was a mild form of addiction, and dependence was a moderate or severe form of addiction. That terminology was problematic because in biology — the study of organisms — dependence refers to a physical adaptation to a substance. The reasonable conclusion drawn by Dawson et al is that the substantial rate of Cannabis Use Disorder among medical cannabis users is comparable to the rate found in recreational users. I suggest the conclusion regarding comparability of rates between medicinal and recreational users holds even for readers who might quarrel with the rates reported in the above two articles.

Addiction vs. dependence: What is the difference?

“We’re also interested in what brain regions are changing as a function of alcohol dependence,” Flores-Ramirez says. “Maybe we could target them to see if the compound could reverse both drinking and relapse behavior.” The meta-analysis by Leung[i] et al showed that among people who use recreational cannabis, 22% satisfy DSM criteria for Cannabis Use Disorder. The risk of developing dependence increased to 33% among young people who engage in weekly or more frequent use of cannabis. This question has now been answered by meta-analyses of multiple studies of the rate of CUD among both recreational and medicinal cannabis users. Meta-analyses combine data from all available well-designed studies to assess the strength of scientific evidence and summarize reasonable conclusions.

addiction vs dependence

This is a great time to find out more about the substance or behavior that you have been engaging in and to reflect honestly on whether you are experiencing any signs or symptoms of addiction. Because some substances have the potential to cause dangerous withdrawal symptoms, it is important to receive an appropriate diagnosis in order to get the best treatment. There is still much debate about whether many behavioral addictions are “true” addictions.

History of the Terms Dependence and Addiction

While shopping addiction, sex addiction, and exercise addiction are often noted as behavioral addictions, the DSM-5 does not officially recognize these as distinct disorders. Dependence and abuse are defined in a way that measures the time and severity of substance use. As it worsens and becomes more frequent, the odds of developing a substance use disorder increase dramatically. Although someone with a drug addiction can end their physical dependence on the drug through detox, the mental component of the addiction remains, and maintaining sobriety can be an ongoing struggle. Dependence situations demand the need for skilled therapists, counselors, and medical practitioners. Reach out to our staff at The Recovery Village to learn more about how we treat substance issues, chemical dependency, and behavioral addiction.

addiction vs dependence

Detoxification treatment may need to be administered to those with substance dependence due to the dangerous nature of some withdrawal symptoms. Research suggests that no treatment method is superior, but that social support is very important and that organizations such as AA and NA have better than average success rates in reducing relapse. These programs are suited to individuals who have just completed an inpatient program and want to continue some form of therapy. Standard outpatient is also ideal for people who may be juggling other responsibilities, such as work or school.

Get Professional Help

Since he can’t stop even though he wants to, his dependence has turned into an addiction. Effective programs usually include many components, designed to help the individual stop using drugs, maintain a drug-free lifestyle, and fulfill their obligations to their family and in the workplace. Most patients require long-term treatment, which can include medications, therapy, and residential programs.

  • He cites declines in rates of drinking and driving and of adult tobacco use as examples of the success due to changes in social norms.
  • Increasing risk for CUD was also reported in those using cannabis for depression and chronic pain.
  • You might also become physically dependent on the drug, and feel withdrawal symptoms if you try to quit.
  • If you believe you have an addiction, it’s never too late to look for help.

In this, the definitions of “substance abuse” (which referenced a mild form of addiction) and “substance dependence” (which represented more severe cases) were both replaced. He seeks to identify those factors across multiple domains and to understand how they interact in the development or prevention of problem behaviors. Hawkins is co-author of “Preparing for the Drug (Free) Years,” a prevention program that empowers parents to reduce addiction vs dependence the risks for drug abuse in their families while strengthening the family bonding. He currently serves on the National Education Goals Panel Resource Group on Safe and Drug Free Schools and was a member of the Committee on Prevention of Mental Disorders of the Institute of Medicine at the National Academy of Sciences. For a person to be diagnosed with a substance abuse disorder, they must be consistently using alcohol or drugs.

The High Rate of Dependence Among Medical Cannabis Users

If you think you have a dependence or addiction, contact a treatment provider today for help. As the medical and scientific discussion on these terms has progressed in recent years, both are now considered as part of a larger grouping; that of substance use disorder. While addiction to substances has often appeared clear-cut, there’s some controversy about what substances are truly addictive. For a long time, addiction meant an uncontrollable habit of using alcohol or other drugs. More recently, the concept of addiction has expanded to include behaviors, such as gambling, as well as substances, and even ordinary and necessary activities, such as exercise and eating. Dependence on a drug can certainly lead to a substance abuse disorder (SUD).

  • For some substances, such as alcohol, suddenly stopping it can be dangerous.
  • If you find yourself struggling to control your alcohol or drug use, you’re not alone.
  • In severe cases of intoxication or overdose, a person may require emergency care.
  • In addition to getting appropriate treatment, there are things that you can do that will make it easier to cope and aid in your recovery.
  • As a result, many physicians are ill-equipped to differentiate addiction from dependence due to a lack of expertise.

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